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Look At The Sharpness Of The Camera Phone Realme 3 Pro 6 GB RAM Capacity

VENDOR smartphone from China, Realme today or Wednesday (05.08.19) has returned to bring the latest mobile phone, Realme 3 Pro, to the Indonesian market. The phone has some of the increase in camera, processor and memory of Realme 3, which launched in March 2019 Wear the name ‘Pro’, realme 3 Pro has many excellent features […]


Armed With 3GB Of RAM, Realme C2 Is Priced At Rp1 Million

DEPOK- Realme 3 Pro was not only launched in Indonesia, but also brought the entry-level Realme C2 phone to the Indonesian market. According to the product manager of Realme Indonesia, this Felix Christian phone is the New Entry Level King, which is said to be superior at an affordable price. “I’m going to introduce the […]


This Appearance Of The Innards Of The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

JAKARTA – The Redmi Note 7 was launched on March 21, 2019 in Indonesia. The number of cameras with a large sensor of up to 48 MP has increased with this phone. In addition to this after-sales service, Xiaomi offers a warranty of up to 18 months. For information, Xiaomi usually offers a warranty of […]


Ciamik Photos The Snapshot Of The Galaxy S10 Plus Camera

JAKARTA – Smartphones can now produce good photos like a professional DSLR camera. Unlike in the past, if you want to produce good photos, you need to buy a sophisticated camera, learn the editing software, read the manual books, and so on. But now the sorrow is over, because everything is available on smartphones, especially […]


Comparison Of Camera Photos Night Mode Vs. Automatic Photos

SOUL – Samsung has recently officially released its newest version of the Galaxy S10 series. Samsung immediately released three variants, namely S10e, S10 and S10 Plus. At the same time Samsung announced in the S10 Plus variant a special night feature. This proves Samsung’s seriousness in supporting low-light photography activities, which are becoming a new […]


Asus ROG Phone With Amazing Specifications

Mobile Gaming is currently on the market. This is in line with the evolution of the gaming industry towards eSports. This time around,  will provide various recommendations for gaming phones with qualified specifications that come from different sources. Asus ROG Phone This phone can be considered a pioneer of the mobile game phones introduced in […]


Acer Indonesia Presents Series Of ‘Blessings Of Ramadan’ 2019

JAKARTA – Acer strives to deliver quality products at competitive prices and with added value in the form of attractive promotions that are a positive appre- ciation for customers. In Ramadan, Acer is back in the national trend of the “Berkah Ramadan” promotion, which offers a cashback offer of up to IDR 10 million, bonus […]