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Samsung Work Hard To Fix Galaxy Fold Before It’s Officially Sold

KOREA – Samsung is working hard on repairing its Galaxy Phone foldable screen phone. Improvements were made because the device was damaged when several journalists and examiners tried to give it a try. Due to this damage, the South Korean manufacturer delayed the start. Reporting from the GSM Arena site, Friday (17/05/2013) Samsung has described […]


Samsung Troubleshoot Smartphone Fold Screen Galaxy Fold

SOLO – Samsung has worked hard to improve the performance of its flagship Galaxy Fold. The South Korean provider has suspended the plan to launch the smartphone due to a series of consumer claims. So far, many parties were not satisfied with the design of the Galaxy Fold. They fear that Samsung’s folding-picture smartphone will […]


Had Problems, Samsung Will Send Galaxy Fold End Of May 2019?

JAKARTA – Samsung had already planned to sell its Galaxy Fold phone on April 26, 2019. Unfortunately, the plan failed because the screen of the handset was problematic when tested before being sold to journalists and several reviewers. Recently, Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh spoke on the subject in an interview with the Korea Herald. “Our […]