Samsung Work Hard To Fix Galaxy Fold Before It’s Officially Sold

KOREA – Samsung is working hard on repairing its Galaxy Phone foldable screen phone. Improvements were made because the device was damaged when several journalists and examiners tried to give it a try. Due to this damage, the South Korean manufacturer delayed the start.

Reporting from the GSM Arena site, Friday (17/05/2013) Samsung has described in detail all the improvements to the Galaxy Fold series. Previously, Samsung appeared to have solved two major problems with Fold Mobile phones that had been reported. Such as dirt, fiber, dust, sand, etc., which can penetrate the hinges and bottom of the screen and cause further damage.

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The last issue that was resolved was that Samsung pushed a protective film into the body of the phone. No wonder, if a user wants to peel off a protective film, this is difficult. Previously, this protection could easily be torn with a nail, as it did not reach to the lunette tip.

For hinges, Samsung has reduced the distance between the top and bottom to prevent ingress of foreign objects. It seems that Samsung really needs to rethink the hinge design to ensure the durability of this high-end mobile phone.

The repaired device is being tested by a Korean operator. Samsung will announce the release date of the Galaxy Fold in the near future. This repaired device is due to go on sale sometime in June in its home country.

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