Samsung Makes 64MP And 48MP Camera Sensors, Will Present On Note 10?

JAKARTA-Samsung has launched a 64-MP camera sensor and a 48-MP camera sensor, which are expected to hit the market in the second half of this year.

According to the Zdnet site on Thursday (05/09/2019) the sensor is called Isocel Bright GW1 for 64MP and Isocell Bright GM2 with 48MP. Both sensors have, like their predecessor, a size of 0.8 μm.

In addition, both have proprietary Isocell Plus technology that reduces light loss. There’s also Tetracell technology, which uses four pixels to better capture in dark environments.

The sensor also has a double conversion gain that reduces noise and increases color accuracy. GW1 also supports full-HD movies in slow motion at 480 frames per second and has a Hygh Dynamic Range (HDR).

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Previously, the South Korean company had launched a camera sensor Isocell Bright GM1 with sensor 48MP and Isocell Bright GD1 with sensor 32MP in October 2018 Called This sensor is used on smartphones of the Galaxy S10 series.

Image sensors have proven to be profitable for the Samsung LSI system business as more smartphones use three camera settings. The handset manufacturer also recommends full-screen designs that require smaller sensors.

This new offering will almost certainly strengthen the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone range, which is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2019. With the sensor, Samsung can also compete with Sony, one of the leading suppliers of camera sensors.

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