Look At The Sharpness Of The Camera Phone Realme 3 Pro 6 GB RAM Capacity

VENDOR smartphone from China, Realme today or Wednesday (05.08.19) has returned to bring the latest mobile phone, Realme 3 Pro, to the Indonesian market. The phone has some of the increase in camera, processor and memory of Realme 3, which launched in March 2019

Wear the name ‘Pro’, realme 3 Pro has many excellent features that belong from any other smartphone , Realme 3 Pro sets a new standard in the Indonesian smartphone industry – from the camera to the battery.

Okezone also had the opportunity to test the performance of mobile phones that are said to have camera capabilities of this flagship class. (Also read: Elegant ads, realme 3 Pro arrives in Indonesia)

First impressions Trying

If you first try, it really looks still looks the same as Realme 3, which wears pony mini and also rear view with shiny colors. The screen size also carries 6.3 inches, which is quite comfortable in the handle. In addition, the phone has a curved edge screen design.

There is a fingerprint on the back of the phone in the middle. This feature may be a little outdated, considering that some vendors have upgraded to the screen or face unlock. However, this is considered reasonable because the technology actually exists in the flagship class. To test the benefits of mobile phones, read the following reviews.

Testing slow motion night scenes

The Realme 3 Pro rearview camera is equipped with two 16 MP and 5 MP reversing cameras. Interestingly, the camera is also equipped with a Sony IMX519 sensor, which allegedly increases the sharpness. In addition, the phone is also equipped with itself some other camera features such as Super nights, ultra fashion, chroma boost, timelapse, panorama and slow motion.

Okezone tries to activate the nights mode by opening the camera, then choosing Night (night scenery) on the three lines icon. If you try this feature, the user should not be able to move for about 2 seconds after pressing the shutter button.

The result is that the photos are brighter and sharper, though they are minimal. Unfortunately, this feature can also fail if the user is not careful. If the user moves after pressing the shutter button, the image becomes blurred.

Okezone’s camera tries to photograph the nighttime atmosphere of Jakarta from the top floor of the building, the results looked good. Since it is equipped with two camera phones, it can also be used for bokeh photos. The resulting bokeh photo looks natural and not excessive.

In addition, this phone has a slow-motion feature that is typically found in flagship cell phones. If you try, the results are pretty bearable and dramatic.

Unfortunately, the results for the front camera are not very promising because they do not look too natural and less sharp. In fact, the front camera is equipped with a sufficiently large 25MP sensor. This may not be a problem for those who use the rear view camera more often, but for selfie lovers, it is quite disappointing.

Testing Performance and Battery Can Be Used All Day

The culinary piste is equipped with a Snapdragon 710 processor and supports 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. With this capacity, cell phones should be able to play heavy games like PUBG. In addition, the Realme 3 Pro is equipped with a sufficiently large battery that holds 4045 mAh long and a full day. Even if USB Micro is used, this phone is equipped with a VOOC fast charge.

Okezone also tried to test the performance of mobile phones with the result, the benchmark app phones Antutu get a score of 154 510 quite big in its class. From the list of this phone, AnTuTu takes position 49 among the Vivo phones like V15 Pro, Mi 8 SE and Honor 10. This phone is a few points ahead of Vivo V15 and Oppo F11 Pro.

Not only that, Okezone also runs the Asphalt 9 game, the results are pretty good. The phone is handy for playing and the graphics are good without getting stuck. In addition, the display with a thin bezel improves the gaming experience.


This phone with a price of 3 million IDR is good enough for everyday use and some heavy equipment. In addition, the phone promises the results of photos with a rear view camera, which is quite capable. It is safe to say that Realme 3 Pro is the best one currentlySmartphone is in the range of 3 million rupees. Realme 3 Pro is a flagship among smartphones for young people and offers benefits that other smartphones do not offer.


Display: 6.3 inches

Dimensions: 156.8×74.2×8.3 mm

Processor: Snapdragon 710


Internal Memory: 128 GB

Rear Camera: 16MP and 5MP

Front Camera: 25mp

Battery: 4045mAh

Price: Rp3 Million

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