Before You Buy A New Cellphone, This Is Something You Need To Pay Attention To

JAKARTA – Speed, battery life and storage are key factors for smartphone buyers in Indonesia before deciding to purchase a new device, according to a recent Google Survey conducted by Antaranews.

“Speed ​​and durability (rechargeable battery) are now the top priority for consumers, and the exterior design of cameras and smartphones is far from over,” said Yudistira Adi Nugroho, Senior Tech and Telecommunications at Google Think Telco in Jakarta Wednesday.

The results of Google’s research also show that the storage capacity factor ranks third when consumers consider replacing their smartphones.

In addition to the speed of mobile performance in answering user commands, connection speed over the telecommunications network (provider) is also a concern of consumers. So if you’re not satisfied with the speed, consumers will have the option to switch providers.

After the investigations Yudistira has stated that the purchase of a new smartphone lasts an average of 14 days. Ranging from finding information on the Internet to buying in a store.

However, in this process, the official pages of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often have less of an impact on consumers making decisions.

It’s exactly what can influence consumer choice for a new smartphone that reviews and compares more videos than many on YouTube.

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