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Samsung Troubleshoot Smartphone Fold Screen Galaxy Fold

SOLO – Samsung has worked hard to improve the performance of its flagship Galaxy Fold. The South Korean provider has suspended the plan to launch the smartphone due to a series of consumer claims. So far, many parties were not satisfied with the design of the Galaxy Fold. They fear that Samsung’s folding-picture smartphone will […]


Comparison Of Camera Photos Night Mode Vs. Automatic Photos

SOUL – Samsung has recently officially released its newest version of the Galaxy S10 series. Samsung immediately released three variants, namely S10e, S10 and S10 Plus. At the same time Samsung announced in the S10 Plus variant a special night feature. This proves Samsung’s seriousness in supporting low-light photography activities, which are becoming a new […]


Had Problems, Samsung Will Send Galaxy Fold End Of May 2019?

JAKARTA – Samsung had already planned to sell its Galaxy Fold phone on April 26, 2019. Unfortunately, the plan failed because the screen of the handset was problematic when tested before being sold to journalists and several reviewers. Recently, Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh spoke on the subject in an interview with the Korea Herald. “Our […]


The Redmi K20 Pro Brings The Screen Fingerprint Feature And Large Battery?

JAKARTA- This year, several vendors have launched their latest handsets. No exception, Redmi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi. The company from China is reported to launch a mobile phone with a number of flagship features. Reporting from the GSM Arena Page, Thursday (09.05.2013) Although the Redmi General Manager has not yet been officially launched, Lu […]


Answering Millennial Needs, Samsung Presents Devices Galaxy Ecosystem

JAKARTA – Samsung continues to innovate to meet people’s needs. It not only presents a range of devices that are not only leaders in terms of features and technology, but also offer a design that supports the look and feel of its users. Samsung understands the next generation requirements and also integrates smart devices that […]


Asus ROG Phone With Amazing Specifications

Mobile Gaming is currently on the market. This is in line with the evolution of the gaming industry towards eSports. This time around,  will provide various recommendations for gaming phones with qualified specifications that come from different sources. Asus ROG Phone This phone can be considered a pioneer of the mobile game phones introduced in […]


Support IoT, TP-Link Launches Latest Devices In Q2 2019

JAKARTA – TP-Link, manufacturer of electronic devices, introduced some of the latest devices in the second quarter of this year. Today announced devices like the TL-WR820N Wireless Router up to the UB400 Bluetooth 4.0 Nano Adapter. “All IoT-related requirements should have a solution.” TP-Link, as a leader, continues to innovate to provide the best tools […]


Galaxy S10 Successfully Restores Samsung Mobile Market In China

JAKARTA – A market research firm from Strategy Analytics reports on the rapid sales of giant South Korean smartphones, Samsung, in China. As you know, the Samsung market has continued to decline in the last three years, as it has to compete with local mobile phones like Oppo, Huawei or Xiaomi, which continue to grow. […]


Make A13 Processor, Apple Ready To Present IPhone 2019

JAKARTA – The new report shows that Apple is ready to produce the iPhone 2019. Even today, the company from Cupertino manufactures a new generation processor called A13 SoC. “Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has begun producing new chips for Apple Inc.’s next iPhone launch later this year,” Bloomberg said, citing Business Time on Monday […]


Huawei P Smart Z Stretch Cellphone With Camera Pop-up

JAKARTA – Huawei recently announced a new mobile phone with a pop-up camera, Huawei P Smart Z. With a pop-up display, the phone has a design without aperture. The front camera itself is equipped with a 16 MP sensor. Reported by the Tech Radar website on Friday (05/10/19). It was also the company’s first mobile […]


OnePlus 7 And 7 Pro Eliminate Features Available In OnePlus 6T

JAKARTA – OnePlus unveils the latest flagship smartphone named OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. OnePlus 7 is an update of OnePlus 6T with a faster internal and improved camera. The OnePlus 7 Pro is a device with a more expensive series manufactured by the company, as T3 announced on Thursday (16.05.2013). It should be […]