Asus ZenFone 6 Has A Rotating Camera Feature, This Is What It Looks Like

JAKARTA – Mobile phone manufacturers offer a different function to differentiate their products from competitors. Asus with the ZenFone 6 seems uniquely presented, with the phone has a rotatable camera.

According to Slashgear on Thursday (16.05.2013), the flip or swivel model was shown on the Galaxy A90. This handset, made by a South Korean company, will have a pan function for the rear-facing camera.

One picture shows ZenFone 6, which also has a rotate function, but has a different style. Not yet known what kind of mechanism Asus ZenFone 6, maybe the phone has a motor to turn the camera back and forth.

Roland Quandt WinFuture clearly did not say anything. However, this design reduces at least the moving parts to the camera module itself.

According to SOGI Mobile King, the camera module is supported by a 48 MP Sony IMX586 sensor and a 13 MP super wide-angle camera. In addition, the Asus ZenFone 6 is considered the flagship smartphone of 2019, which allegedly has a Snapdragon 855, a 5,000 mAh battery and a conventional fingerprint scanner on the back.

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