2018, Samsung Dominates The Mobile Market In Indonesia

JAKARTA – According to a survey conducted by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association in 2018, Samsung Electronics has reached the top position of the mobile brand used by citizens for access to cyberspace.

Quote from Antaranews, Penetration Surveys and Profiles of APJII Internet Users for 2018 37.7 percent of Indonesians use Samsung branded mobile phones to connect to the Internet. However, the survey did not include which mobile models Warganet used most in Indonesia.

Mobile phones are the most commonly used, brand-derived Oppo second at 18 percent, followed by 17.7 percent Xiaomi.

Up to 7.5 percent of Indonesians access the Internet via Vivo phones, while Asus receives 3.2 percent.

Mobile iPhone occupies sixth place with 3.1 percent, followed by Lenovo Advan 2.4 percent and 2.4 percent.

The popularity of mobile phones as a means of accessing the Internet is also evident in the 2018 APJII survey. After all, 93.9 percent of respondents said they use mobile phones every day to access the Internet, just 1.6 percent of respondents who never access the Internet on mobile phones every day.

Today, only 9.6 percent of respondents access cyberspace daily from desktops, while 17.2 percent use laptops every day.

96.6 percent of respondents said they have a data plan from their mobile operator to access the Internet in the last three months. Telkomsel is the most widely used mobile operator at 43 percent, followed by Indosat Ooredoo at 18.1 percent and XL at 18 percent. Indonesians use the Internet most often to send messages (24.7 percent), access social media (18.9 percent), and search for work-related information (11.5 percent).

19.6 percent of respondents said they needed more than 8 hours a day to access the Internet, while respondents who answered for 3-4 hours were 14.1 percent and between 2-3 hours 13.4 percent ,

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